Sunday, February 17, 2013

Instagram for Windows

Instagram for Windows
Instagram for Windows | 828 KB

Instagram is a popular photo sharing and editing app on your smartphone. It was originally designed for the iOS and works on Android now, too. It's still unclear when it will come but "The Verge" predicts it will be revealed alongside with the new Windows Phone 8 (That's suppose to come out in October). Many people have had thoughts of this because Nokia posted a video on their YouTube channel and it seems that at 0:51 there's a live tile of Instagram, but The Verge has noted that it could be the Vimeo app.

However, they still say they have confirmed separately that it will definitely come to Windows Phone. To be honest, I'm completely excited for all the Windows Phone users out there but I feel like the VIP status of Instagram is slowly changing. Let's hope when it comes out for Windows Phone it comes with a number of new bells and whistles. What do you think should Instagram have done this or will everyone explode like they did when Android was first introduced?

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